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In another life, Jackie and I would have been best friends. We would have spent our 20s in the city, worked on a morning show and moved to the suburbs after. Jackie did all of this, I just wish I would have been there with her. We connected instantly, mostly about being moms in our 30’s and loving emo music from the early 2000’s.

Jackie started in fashion and found her way to digital marketing in the beauty industry. She has a job that is a dream to so many people. She is creating digital content that balances professionals and consumers. She is so intelligent and an expert in her field. She has a fire for learning and being challenged in a new way with different platforms and changes in the algorithms. She shares advice on being your own brand and how to create content that matters. I love the way that she builds up her team and gives them praise and respect.

The industry needs more people like Jackie. She is creating content with her team that is for consumers to help educate and connect them to salon professionals like you. Go check out everything that she is doing on today. I know you are going to LOVE her.

My Favorite Quote from the Episode:

“I just loved how you could constantly be doing something new.”

“We always interview a professional.”

“The best advice I have ever been given in my entire career … you are your own brand, it doesn’t matter where you go or what brands you are representing.”

“I go to the person that I go to because I just love who they are and their brand that they bring to the table.”

“You don’t have to do a dance to go viral on Tik Tok.”

“I think for me that digital just has my heart.”


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