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Beauty School Bobbi with Monae Everett - Celebrity Hairstylist & Educator

In this episode, Bobbi interviews Monae Everett, a celebrity hairstylist who recently worked at the Met Gala. Monae shares her experience at the event and discusses the pressure and preparation that goes into styling hair for such a high-profile event. She also talks about her upcoming classes and the importance of being able to style all hair textures. Monae shares stories of working with celebrities and how she manages to keep her cool in those situations. The conversation also touches on the beauty industry and Monae's journey into the field. Monae Everett shares her journey in the beauty industry, emphasizing the importance of hard work and grit. She discusses the challenges of balancing multiple roles and handling opinions on set. Monae also talks about the value of networking and building relationships in the industry. She advises aspiring hairstylists to be open to opportunities, even if they don't come with a high paycheck. Monae shares her experiences of feeling like she made it and the continuous growth she strives for. She also mentions her academies, where she teaches business and hairstyling skills.


Styling hair for the Met Gala involves a lot of pressure and preparation

Being a celebrity hairstylist requires professionalism and the ability to handle different opinions

Monae teaches classes on styling all hair textures and aims to showcase the beauty of curly and coily hair

Meeting celebrities can be exciting, but it's important to remain professional and focused on the job

Monae's journey into the beauty industry started in beauty school and she discovered the wide range of opportunities available Hard work and grit are essential for success in any career.

Building relationships and networking are crucial in the beauty industry.

Being open to opportunities, even if they don't come with a high paycheck, can lead to valuable experiences and growth.

Handling opinions on set requires self-awareness and professionalism.

Continuous learning and personal development are key to staying relevant and successful in the industry.

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Follow Monae Everett: @monaeartistry(instagram)

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