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It Takes Hard Work And Passion, And If You Want It You Can Do It | with Garrett Ward of L'oreal USA

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Garrett is everything good about the Beauty Industry. He has used his cosmetology license to get him to the exact position that he is meant for and it is only up from here. Garrett is doing amazing things for the industry and is the perfect story of taking a risk and not knowing where it would lead him. He went to Beauty School in California and holds a position with L’Oréal Professional that is elevating the industry every single day. He believed in himself and saw his dreams through.

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“I thought Beauty School was going to be easy. Little did I know how much goes into the education, not only technically, but how much I would grow as a person.”

“Working behind the chair has given me the experience and the understanding that the beauty professional goes through on the daily”

“Don’t give up. Never give up.”

“You may not trust yourself , but if you just believe in yourself, you’re going to get somewhere.”


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