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Insight in the Beauty Industry with Candy Gebhart, General Manager of Redken USA!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I LOVED this interview with Candy. My favorite thing about Candy is that she has a super successful career in the beauty industry and she was honest enough to share with us her one regret; not going to beauty school. She went to college for business, but she knows that a different path could have been set for her and I love that she has so much respect for Beauty School. Don’t miss this one!

Beauty school students, this one is for YOU!

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“I was able to speak to the students to show them that this industry has a lot to offer. It’s not just one track.”

“If I could replay it, I would go to beauty school.”

“There are so many other ways to success and happiness and contribution to the beauty industry.”

“All I know is if you do get your license, you won’t regret it”


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