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How To Make Makeup A Career with Makeup Artist Katie Hill!!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I have known Katie since she was 17 years old. We grew up together at Tennessee School of Beauty. We’ve gone through bad hair together, weddings, babies, and even some tears. Katie didn’t start beauty school knowing that being a make-up artist was going to be her path or even an option for her, but I am so thankful that it was.

Katie is one of the most talented MakeUp artists that I have ever met, but her skill for teaching and connecting with students might be even better. She has trained HUNDREDS of Make-Up Artists over the last 7 years and has such a special story.

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“I think it’s most important in this industry to be able to make a friend.”

"I give so much of the credit (for my business blossoming) to like 3 people and I want to be able to pay that forward."

"It’s not competition, its community."

“I want them to feel like a million bucks. I am usually the last conversation that they are going to have before putting on their dress and they walk down the aisle.”


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