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After we finished this interview, I laughed until I cried several times with Kenneth. We continued this conversation and truly didn’t want to say goodbye. We texted later that night and stayed in touch even 6 months later. He gave us an awesome perspective of what is happening in the industry and he truly loves being a stylist and salon owner. He shares so much business insight that I was completely entranced in the interview. I could talk about this industry nonstop and Kenneth is on my level. We dive deep into the BUSINESS of the beauty industry and talk about issues that no one else wants to talk about.

He started his career in fashion and had a very successful career before going to beauty school. He has put in the WORK. He is honest about what was lacking in his beauty school experience and has clear ideas of how to make the beauty industry better. The thing that stood out to me about Kenneth is that he isn’t working with blinders on. He sees what is going on all around him and he is hyper aware of how the industry is changing. I love his hunger to make it better for young stylists and I am beyond thankful that our paths crossed.

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“If I had not done what I did, worked in fashion, worked in retail, and had corporate training, I don’t think that I would have survived in the business.”

“Let’s get the demand for your time first and then I can teach you how to back out of it.”

“We have a shareholder in each location.”

“I decided to invest more into people and places.”

“They should do both. They should go to beauty school and get an associated degree.

“I think Covid made everyone think about what they wanting to do and how they spend their time”

“I let people do things that I would never let them before.”

"This is something else that no one wants to talk about. We hired people and taught people for two years, not to touch people, not to go up to people, not to be customer service oriented, and not to interact, and when your shift is over please leave the building. Then we take off the mask and want them to behave different and wondering why they’re not”

“Because you can never make someone nice.”

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