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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Amanda was watching Botched while she was on bed rest after an injury and realized that she wanted to be a medical esthetician. I met with her and enrolled her in beauty school super early on in my career. A few years later, she moved to Los Angeles and worked with the Dr. on that exact show. She thought she wanted to do make-up, but the esthetics program showed her an entirely different world.

Amanda is so driven and as an athlete, she dreamed of being in the NBA. She found her passion and has already achieved so much as an esthetician. She didn’t stop once she moved to LA. She is getting so much experience under her belt and is truly an expert in her field. I could not be MORE proud of her and everything that she is doing!

My Favorite Quote from the Episode:

“Until Tennessee School of Beauty, I never had a calling for a job.”

“If you have that seed planted in your mind, if you have any type of interest, go for it.” (About joining the beauty industry)

“Identifying your strengths is so important. You are gravitating towards certain things for a reason. You have to follow that.”

“Guests will return to you because they gravitate towards you and your individuality.”


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