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Christine Schuster, L’Oreal SVP, Education | Transforming lives through education!

Christine has been in the beauty industry for over 31 years and she seriously has the energy of someone that is brand new to the job. Her enthusiasm for what she does is so contagious. I could have talked with her for HOURS and I wish I could have. Rewatching this one made me miss New York and all of the amazing people we met there.

She fell in love with doing hair at a very young age and after graduating high school at 16, she went to cosmetology school at @pivotpoint. She took a chance and quickly had a mentor in Holland and was soon traveling the world. She was experiencing the salon world and education as an intern, front and center. Her story is fascinating and I am so thankful for the time that I got to laugh and talk with her. I look up to the energy and love that she has for this so much. This episode is the exact energy we all need to be taking into our jobs in 2023!

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“I got to see sort of the relationship between product companies that partner with salons.”

“I learned also in this world of professional education where we were on stages or in salons.”

“What I get psyched about also is new hairdressers coming into the industry, like rocking work at a level that is at an expertise of 10 years, 20 years.”

“There are just so many different things we can do!”


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