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Beauty as a Business with Stephanie Carter!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Are you feeling lost in the sea of social media or digital media marketing?

Social Media is becoming a required part of being a beauty professional. Most people don’t feel like they know what they are supposed to be posting or when they have the time to do it. Stephanie Carter shares everything that you need to know to start exactly where you are and for the beauty industry specifically. This conversation is so valuable and worth the listen. She acknowledges how overwhelming this can be and has solutions for you!

My Favorite Quotes from the Episode:

“Plant your flag somewhere, but be flexible.”

“Don’t underestimate that that makes you feel human to somebody and that gives them a reason to emotionally connect to you.”

“Marketing makes people real money.”

“I really really encourage students when you are in school learn the SOFT Skills, learn the marketing skills, learn things about what it takes to run a P&L.”


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